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Garage Door Opener Repair Services - San Jose, CA

Our garage doors are very important to us. Actually, many people use their doors as their main home entrance. To ensure that we maintain the beauty of our homes, we have to take care of our garage doors. Damaged garage door openers can be caused by the failure to maintain your door, which can lead to further damage and inconveniences.

For garage door opener repair service in San Jose, call our professionals at San Jose Garage Door Masters. Our technicians are experts in any garage door repair in San Jose. We are adept at fixing all the makes and models of garage door openers. We also repair and replace all the garage door parts. By hiring our knowledgeable and friendly staff, your garage door opener repair can be conducted with precision. Moreover, we also ensure that you can easily get high-quality garage door products that will eventually enhance the durability of your garage doors. Well, our services are not just limited to opener repair. Rather, our services include repair, replacement, inspection and maintenance.

What Involves in Garage Door Opener Repair Service

The most common process for opener repair include realigning of the photo eyes, or by replacing of worn out gears and sprockets, or even replacing the door opener's motor. Other repair work include putting back the trolleys, drive trains, belts and even the circuit board. Most openers just require a simple adjustment to be made to the existing components, and hence, need no additional parts. San Jose Garage Door Masters conduct an inspection of your door opener to determine the exact cause and have it fixed.

The reason why most openers fail is due to lack of balance of your door. When your door is out of balance, it can exert pressure on the opener and this can finally lead to the malfunctioning of the opener. Our technicians also check the other garage door parts for the smooth-functioning of the garage door. Modern day garage door openers are integrated with the latest technological features that helps to make your life more secure. You can count on our well skilled technicians to give you information regarding the recent garage door openers and accessories available.

In addition to garage door opener repair in San Jose, we can also provide you with necessary maintenance tips that can enhance the durability of your garage doors. We will recommend that you always check the installed photo sensors of your door, to see if they are mounted higher than six inches off the floor. If your garage door doesn't have the photo-eye, you should have your opener replaced with a new model. You should also use an object to block the photo-eye and touch the door close button, and if the photo eyes are working correctly, the door should not close.

Our experts will treat you with the respect you deserve, and you can get your opener fixed on the same day when you call us for the garage door opener repair work. Our company also provides discounts and offers on most of the garage door products and services. Give us a call today and get your garage door opener repaired with exactitude.


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